Interface Xyster_Container_Visitor


Interface realizing a visitor pattern for the container

The visitor should visit the container, all registered component adapter instances and all instantiated components.

  • copyright: Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Irrational Logic (
  • license: New BSD License

Located in /Container/Visitor.php (line 27)

Method Summary
mixed traverse (mixed $node)
traverse (line 40)

Entry point for the Visitor traversal

The given node is the first object, that is asked for acceptance. Only objects of type Container_Interface, Component_Adapter, or Parameter are valid.

  • return: a visitor-specific value
  • throws: Exception in case of an argument of invalid type
mixed traverse (mixed $node)
  • mixed $node: the start node of the traversal
visitComponentAdapter (line 54)

Visit a component adapter that has to accept the visitor.

void visitComponentAdapter (Xyster_Container_Adapter $componentAdapter)
visitContainer (line 47)

Visit a container that has to accept the visitor

void visitContainer (Xyster_Container_Interface $container)
visitParameter (line 61)

Visit a that has to accept the visitor.

void visitParameter (Xyster_Container_Parameter $parameter)

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