Class Xyster_View_Helper_XhtmlElement


View helper for generating XHTML elements

  • copyright: Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Irrational Logic (
  • abstract:
  • license: New BSD License

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Direct descendents
Class Description
Xyster_View_Helper_Gravatar View helper for generating Gravatar images
Variable Summary
Zend_View_Interface $view
Method Summary
void setView ( $view)
string _htmlAttribs ( $attribs)
Zend_View_Interface $view (line 31)
  • access: public
setView (line 38)

Set the view object

  • access: public
void setView ( $view)
  • Zend_View_Interface $view
_htmlAttribs (line 50)

Converts an associative array to a string of tag attributes.

  • return: The XHTML for the attributes.
  • access: protected
string _htmlAttribs ( $attribs)
  • array $attribs: From this array, each key-value pair is converted to an attribute name and value.

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