Class Xyster_Orm_Entity_Listener


A listener for entity events

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  • abstract:
  • license: New BSD License

Located in /Orm/Entity/Listener.php (line 24)

Method Summary
void onSetField (Xyster_Orm_Entity $entity, string $name, mixed $old, mixed $new)
onSetField (line 34)

Called before a value is set

  • access: public
void onSetField (Xyster_Orm_Entity $entity, string $name, mixed $old, mixed $new)
  • Xyster_Orm_Entity $entity: The entity whose value was set
  • string $name: The name of the field
  • mixed $old: The old value before the set
  • mixed $new: The new value after the set
onSetRelation (line 49)

Called before a relation is set

If the relation wasn't loaded at the time the new value was set, the old value argument to this method will be null; the old one won't be loaded.

  • access: public
void onSetRelation (Xyster_Orm_Entity $entity, string $name, Xyster_Orm_Entity|Xyster_Orm_Set $old, Xyster_Orm_Entity|Xyster_Orm_Set $new)

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