Class Xyster_Validate_Uri


A URI validator

  • copyright: Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Irrational Logic (
  • license: New BSD License

Located in /Validate/Uri.php (line 32)

Class Constant Summary
 NOT_URI = 'notUri'
Variable Summary
Method Summary
boolean isValid (mixed $value)
array $_messageTemplates = array(
self::NOT_URI => "'%value%' does not appear to be a correct URI",
(line 45)

Validation failure message template definitions

  • access: protected
isValid (line 58)

Defined by Zend_Validate_Interface

Returns true if dimensions of file specified by $value are between width and height options, dimensions being exact if strict is true.

  • access: public
boolean isValid (mixed $value)
  • mixed $value
Class Constants
NOT_URI = 'notUri' (line 38)

Validation failure message key for when the file is not an image

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