Class Xyster_Application_Service_Abstract


An abstract Service Layer

Randy Stafford describes a Service Layer as "[establishing] a set of available operations and [coordinating] the application's response in each operation."

  • copyright: Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Irrational Logic (
  • abstract:
  • license: New BSD License

Located in /Application/Service/Abstract.php (line 29)

Variable Summary
Method Summary
Xyster_Application $_application (line 34)
  • access: protected
getApplication (line 51)

Gets the application to which this service applies

  • access: public
Xyster_Application getApplication ()
getName (line 61)

Gets the name of this service

  • access: public
string getName ()
init (line 42)

Called after the Xyster_Application_ServiceBroker creates it

If you instantiate a service yourself, this method will not be called automatically.

  • access: public
void init ()
setApplication (line 75)

Sets the application

  • return: provides a fluent interface
  • access: public

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