Class Xyster_Container_Visitor_TraversalChecking


Concrete implementation of visitor which simply checks traversals

This can be a useful class for other Visitor implementations to extend, as it provides a default implementation.

  • copyright: Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Irrational Logic (
  • license: New BSD License

Located in /Container/Visitor/TraversalChecking.php (line 31)

Direct descendents
Class Description
Xyster_Container_Visitor_MethodCalling A visitor implementation that calls methods on the components of a specified type
Method Summary
visitComponentAdapter (line 48)

Visit a component adapter that has to accept the visitor.

  • access: public
void visitComponentAdapter (Xyster_Container_Adapter $componentAdapter)
visitContainer (line 38)

Visit a container that has to accept the visitor

  • access: public
void visitContainer (Xyster_Container_Interface $container)

Redefined in descendants as:
visitParameter (line 58)

Visit a that has to accept the visitor.

  • access: public
void visitParameter (Xyster_Container_Parameter $parameter)

Inherited Methods

Inherited From Xyster_Container_Visitor_Abstract


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