Class Xyster_Container_Visitor_Abstract


Implements interfaces:

Abstract Visitor implementation

A generic traverse method is implemented, that accepts any object with a method named "accept", that takes a Xyster_Container_Visitor as an argument and and invokes it. Additionally it provides the checkTraversal() method, that throws an exception if currently no traversal is running.

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  • abstract:
  • license: New BSD License

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Direct descendents
Class Description
Xyster_Container_Visitor_TraversalChecking Concrete implementation of visitor which simply checks traversals
Method Summary
void traverse (mixed $node)
void _checkTraversal ()
traverse (line 51)

Entry point for the Visitor traversal {@inherit}

  • throws: Xyster_Container_Visitor_Exception if node is invalid for traversal
  • access: public
void traverse (mixed $node)
  • mixed $node

Implementation of:
Entry point for the Visitor traversal

Redefined in descendants as:
_checkTraversal (line 77)

Checks the traversal flag

  • throws: Xyster_Container_Visitor_Exception if no traversal is active
  • access: protected
void _checkTraversal ()

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