Chapter 5. Xyster_Data

Table of Contents

5.1. Overview
5.2. Data Symbols
5.2.1. Xyster_Data_Aggregate
5.2.2. Xyster_Data_Field
5.2.3. Xyster_Data_Sort
5.2.4. Xyster_Data_Criterion
5.3. Symbol Clauses
5.3.1. Xyster_Data_Junction
5.3.2. Xyster_Data_Field_Clause
5.3.3. Xyster_Data_Sort_Clause
5.4. Sets and Collections
5.4.1. Xyster_Data_Set
5.4.2. Xyster_Data_Tuple

5.1. Overview

The data package provides a standard way to manipulate and access different kinds of data. These classes are provided to refer to columns in sets of data, and also allow a developer to filter, sort, and aggregate it. Developers can construct a query or refer to sets of data without knowing anything about the source of the data. You should be able to sort and filter records from a database with the same syntax as tabular data from an XML document.