Chapter 7. Xyster_Enum

Table of Contents

7.1. Overview

7.1. Overview

PHP lacks a native enumerated type; this was our best attempt to provide one.

Enum classes are used to represent set types of things, for instance, if we created a class to represent different operating systems, it might provide enum methods like this:

$unix = OperatingSystem::Unix();
$win = OperatingSystem::Windows();
$mac = OperatingSystem::Mac();
echo $unix->getName(); // prints Unix 

Using this example, the OperatingSystem enum would look like this:

class OperatingSystem extends Xyster_Enum
        const Unix = 0;
        const Windows = 1;
        const Mac = 2;

        static public function Unix()
        { return parent::_factory(); }

        static public function Windows()
        { return parent::_factory(); }

        static public function Mac()
        { return parent::_factory(); }